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Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Installation and Servicing

At SJ Howard, we've been qualified unvented hot water cylinder installation engineers for over 20 Years. Did you know your system needs servicing every year?

Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Installation

Unvented hot water is now just as widely used as the traditional gravity-fed hot water systems. Providing great water pressure across both hot and cold systems. And no need for that huge tank of stored water in your loft space. If not installed by a qualified engineer or poorly maintained, this can be highly dangerous. In fact, it can be one of the most lethal pieces of equipment in your property.

Not suited to every system and not ensured to give you unrivalled hot water flow throughout your property. Installed in the correct situation however, unvented hot water can be very effective. It can take your poor hot water flow and give you that power shower you’ve always wanted. Also increasing hot water supply throughout the whole house.

If you already have an unvented hot water cylinder system, it may surprise you that you need it servicing regularly. It will need servicing every year to remain safe and functional. They have many safety features and the chances of them failing are slim. But the consequences of your system failing could be catastrophic

We can provide installation, maintenance and repair. Covering every type of unvented cylinder and thermal store style cylinders. Talk to us today.